Meet Wynn!

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Despite out sadness over Finnegan for the past week, I was ready to fill that empty hole in my heart. Yesterday I convinced Jim to go to a satellite location of our local humane society where we can better interact with the kitties. I also had my eye on one of the cats residing there, Phoebe. Phoebe was great and looked like a larger version of Stormy. However, another cat caught out attention, Gizmo. Gizmo was easy going, laid back and great with all the other cats there. He sat on Jim's lap for much of our visit. Coincidentally he also looked a lot like Finnegan. At that point, it was easy to convince Jim he was the right one to bring home. We went out for lunch, home to get the cat carrier and then returned to complete the paper work and pay the fee. We renamed Gizmo to Wynn.

As we always do, we've taken it slowly introducing him to Stormy, Domino, Neo and the house as a whole. He first got familiar with the basement, then main level and finally second floor. He has fit in fabulously and has been a good boy about using his litter box. He has also appeared on both cams already. Keep your eyes out for Wynn!


He's gorgeous! I'm so glad you gave another kitty a home. Congrats on the new addition!

Thanks Valerie, but I think about the wonderful time we had with him.

So sorry about your boy Gizmo, Minou :( {{HUGS}}

Your email on your adoption application had as the domain, so I checked it out! Glad I did--so excited to be able to keep up with Wynn! He is one of my favorites kitties we've had at Mounds SP, and I'm thrilled he found a great home. :)

Celia, how did you find my site? I don't think I mentioned it to you. Regardless, glad you are here and now you get to meet the rest of the herd.


I was the adoption counselor at Mounds who sent Wynn home with you. I am so excited that he is fitting in so well! Can't wait to see him on the cams some more :)

Welcome Wynn ! He's really cute. I wish you a lot of fun for a long, long time with him. My boy Gizmo lost his fight against cancer last Sunday evening. We miss him so much.

Aw, Welcome to Wynn :)) You guys are awesome adult kitty rescuing champions!! I did spy him on cam2 and agree w/ Mitty: he's extremely handsome with really cool markings. Look forward to seeing much more of him!

Welcome, Wynn! He sure is a handsome mancat. I look forward to seeing him on the cams.