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The Cats Get a New Toy!

This week the cats received an amazing new cat tree given to us by a co-worker whose cat recently passed away. All but Finnegan have made the journey to the top due to his problems with his toe and weight (so we're not encouraging him either!). They all enjoy it.

The cat tree doesn't appear on the cams. If they choose to hang out on the tree more than the cams, we may have to consider restructuring things a bit.

Finnegan Paw Update

Finnegan's cast signed!

Today Finnegan had a second follow-up x-ray at the vet. His first one after having the cast on for five weeks revealed healing was slow and he needed another six weeks. We completed that time and his latest x-rays revealed his toe is still not healing. Finnegan is likely facing having his toe removed now. The vet is going to first consult with the veterinary school at the university.

We've been assured Finnegan's mobility won't be compromised with the loss of his toe, but it is still a rough decision to have to make for him.

Note in today's picture his cast was signed by the vet that worked on him. Finnegan is truly loved by all the staff at the vet. He is their best patient letting them do whatever poking and prodding is necessary.

Finnegan Pulls His Cast Off

We woke up to a bit of a surprise this morning. Finnegan managed to remove his cast! As you can see in the picture, he is still taking care with the paw implying it is not yet healed.

Well, at least he got the timing right. Shortly we leave to take him to his regularly scheduled appointment at the vet. I'm concerned this just means another set back....

Still doing well with the cast!

June 7 marks Finnegan's 4th week with his left paw in a cast.

His last appointment was May 31. The vet simply inspected his paw and then re-wrapped it. Although a second x-ray won't be done until at least 6 weeks into the process, the vet has been pleased how is paw is looking. The splint is staying in place, there is no signs of swelling and although Finnegan has been biting at it a little, nothing has gotten dislodged.

Finnegan is also learning to live with his cast as shown in this picture. He is able to negotiate the steps in the house, come to dinner when called and get up onto Cam 2 where he is seen by the world.

Please take a minute to join the site and leave your well wishes for him here!

Kitty-Cam in Summer

With summer nearly here, the cats have been enjoying the open breezes at the bay window. Here we caught a rare moment -- all four of the cats together. Zoey and Domino have not always gotten along well, so this was a moment I could not let pass by.

Stormy is in the left corner of the photo, Domino appears in the center foreground with Finnegan just behind him and Zoey is on the right ensuring she maintains a view of the other three cats at all times.

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