An Unexpected Trip to the Vet

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Last night we noticed Stormy having difficulty walking. Our thoughts immediately went to Zoey when she did this over Labor Weekend in 2009 and ended at the emergency vet clinic for the entire weekend. If Stormy is experiencing the same thing, it means her kidneys are beginning to fail which is common in cats as they age.

Originally the plan was to take her into the veterinarian on Saturday, but at 2:00 this morning I couldn't sleep, got up and discovered she was struggling ever more with her hindquarters. So, we will be taking her in this morning. Updates as they become available.


been thinking about her, this is great news!!

Congrats on the good news, I'm so happy to hear that Stormy is ok!! And what a trooper on the car travel, wow : D

We just returned from a follow-up vet appointment where Stormy got a clean bill of health. Her blood pressure is back to normal. However, we have to continue the blood pressure medication which presents its own challenges, crushing up a pill into her food, getting her to finish the medicated food all while keeping the other kitties away from her.

On another note, Stormy is an excellent car cat! Generally quiet, enjoying the view and sitting quietly on our laps. An absolute pleasure to drive with.

Stormy is mostly back to normal. When we first noticed the symptoms she was having a hard time jumping (even onto a coffee table).
Even after she started improving she was still not jumping like she used to. Mostly I think because of the loss in confidence in jumping successfully.
We're not completely sure if it's the blood pressure medicine or what, but I'd say she's at least 90% back to normal.
She will still hesitate when jumping, but she can now easily jump up to bar-stool height chairs.

How is sweet Stormy doing? Have seen her on the cam (is it her on cam1 a lot? I sometimes can't tell if it's Finny). just wondering how she's doing on her meds...

Any update with Stormy? Whatever the news, crossing my fingers that it's good and that you guys have more info now than you did before : )

I hope the BP meds solve the problem. Praying for little Storm.


Oh, poor sweetie! It was smart of you to bring her in right away. I hope the HBP meds will help.

Hope she's feeling better and that you get good news from the vet.

thank goodness it's not one of those serious diseases, but real frustrating I can imagine! I honestly never heard of HBP in kitties, but why not when they can easily contract so many other "human" diseases. maybe she has arthritis in her hind quarters? I will continue to pray for the Storm and hope you all can get to the crux of her problem so it can be treated!

Thyroid test result is in and its normal.
So it's a good news/bad news scenario.
Good that it's not any of those problems, but bad that we still don't have a definitive diagnosis.
It could be the high blood pressure. We'll be taking Storm back to the vet in 2-3 weeks for another blood pressure check. Hopefully the medication will help and we'll see some improvement.

Kidney trouble and diabetes have been ruled out, but we are still waiting for results from the thyroid test. We were also given medication for high blood pressure and need to go back in a few weeks to have that re-tested.

My heart goes out to Stormy and also to you guys. I hope Stormy can get a reprieve, or at the very least you can make her comfortable. Keep us all informed. Bruce

oh no, not again :( I hope it turns out to be the least of those problems, which that would be I don't know. I'm praying for your sweet little girl as I type ♥

Stormy is at the vet now. The vet indicated that the symptoms could be kidney, thyroid, or diabetes. She's going to get blood tests this afternoon to determine the cause.
I'll be picking her up this evening after work.

Jeez, I really hope she's okay. It would suck, for both you and her, if her kidneys are having problems.