R.I.P. Finnegan (October 27, 2012)

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This happend all too fast for us. We got the diagnosis of lymphoma only two weeks ago. With medication he was better for about a week, but began to deteriorate again within the last week. During that first week we were getting him to eat again, not much but he was eating. During this last week I could only get him to eat about every other day.

Finny came to us in September 2001 when he was approximately 6 months old. That day I got an emotional phone call from Kris about a male farm kitten (the owner didn't want a 2nd male cat on the farm) that was going to be put down if he wasn't adopted out. Kris sent me a picture via email of this cute kitten sitting on her office chair. How could I say no.
I don't know why I don't remember this, but Kris remembers our first trip to the vet on September 11, 2001 (listening closely to the news on historic date).

Finny was a wonderful cat. Never demanding, always patient, and never agressive. I only remember him hissing once, and I believe that was because of Domino (but I'm sure Domino deserved it).
If I ever got out a brush to comb him, he always ran to me and rolled over. He loved getting brushed.
He was a little big for a "lap cat", but loved laying across your lap. I'll miss him at my side.

Yesterday was a horribly emotional day for both of us. Finny was too young and we wish he could have been with us for many more years.


Oh no, no, no! I am so sorry! I was checking all last week for updates, hoping for the best. You did everything you could for him. We are sending purrs and gentle headbutts from our house to yours. Take care of yourselves.

I'm so, so sorry to hear that. I often thought about you and Finny the last days. I was so glad to see him yesterday. I'm sure he had a wonderful life in your home and I know how hard it is to accept the loss. But in your heart he will live on, Marion

Oh God. My heart goes out to you for this terrible loss. I just saw him on cam1 yesterday with a plate of food next to him. I will miss his image filling up the screen on cam2. I so wish you could have had him another 11 years... He was an awesome cat whom you saved from certain death and gave the best possible life. I know you were the best people he could have had. God bless. ♥ Val