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R.I.P. Finnegan (October 27, 2012)

This happend all too fast for us. We got the diagnosis of lymphoma only two weeks ago. With medication he was better for about a week, but began to deteriorate again within the last week. During that first week we were getting him to eat again, not much but he was eating. During this last week I could only get him to eat about every other day.

Finnegan is Sick

Finnegan is sick

We are sad to report that it appears Finnegan is not doing well. He has always been the more withdrawn cat of the bunch, but lately we've been seeing less of him and have noticed a significant weight loss. We took him to the vet last Wednesday where x-rays revealed fluid in his lungs. As you can see in this image, some of his fur was shaved in order to remove some fluid to give him relief and test for the root cause of his illness. We have not gotten the results, but fear the worst.

Finnegan Paw Update

Finnegan's cast signed!

Today Finnegan had a second follow-up x-ray at the vet. His first one after having the cast on for five weeks revealed healing was slow and he needed another six weeks. We completed that time and his latest x-rays revealed his toe is still not healing. Finnegan is likely facing having his toe removed now. The vet is going to first consult with the veterinary school at the university.

We've been assured Finnegan's mobility won't be compromised with the loss of his toe, but it is still a rough decision to have to make for him.

Finnegan Pulls His Cast Off

We woke up to a bit of a surprise this morning. Finnegan managed to remove his cast! As you can see in the picture, he is still taking care with the paw implying it is not yet healed.

Well, at least he got the timing right. Shortly we leave to take him to his regularly scheduled appointment at the vet. I'm concerned this just means another set back....

Still doing well with the cast!

June 7 marks Finnegan's 4th week with his left paw in a cast.

His last appointment was May 31. The vet simply inspected his paw and then re-wrapped it. Although a second x-ray won't be done until at least 6 weeks into the process, the vet has been pleased how is paw is looking. The splint is staying in place, there is no signs of swelling and although Finnegan has been biting at it a little, nothing has gotten dislodged.

Finnegan's Fractured Toe

Finnegan has walked with a limp for a couple years, but the vet has never been too concerned about it, because he never expressed pain when his paw was squeezed or otherwise handled.

That recently changed when Jim found he was letting out a yelp when it paw was squeezed. We made a vet appointment for Saturday, May 10 and an x-ray revealed a fracture in one of the digits on his left paw.

The vet was confident it would heal if it was stablized and we agreed.



While at work in September of 2001, the person who works on our phone system came in with 3 cats from his rural home. Two were small kittens and then there was Finnegan who was about 5 months old at the time. Because Finnegan was well on his way to becoming an adult cat, I was told he was going to be put down if a new home wasn't found soon. How could I say no to him? I took him on the spot and we have never regretted it. Finnegan tends to be a little nervous at home, but remains our vet's favorite cat out of the four for his ability to calmly take the shots and general poking and prodding.

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