A Little Accident

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This morning, while closing the bedroom door, Jim accidentally caught Domino's tail in it, severing the skin and fur, leaving bone exposed. He was bleeding and we quickly wrapped up the tip of his tail. Jim called his brother who has had both cats and dogs and is a pharmacist with some medical training and he advised us to call the emergency vet. Jim is now getting ready to take Domino to the vet where he will likely have the tip of his tail amputated.

Jim was unable to eat his breakfast and feels just terrible about this. More updates as they become available.


Sorry to hear about Domino, but I'm sure he'll be fine. And don't feel bad, Jim--it was purely accidental. Besides having to wear a "megaphone," Domino probably has already forgotten his trauma. Everything will be back to normal (whatever that is with four cats in the house) very soon.

We try to keep it off when we are home and can make sure he doesn't gnaw at his stitches. We also take the opportunity to get him in front of his food and water and pop him into the litter box. I've been coming home at lunch time to do this for him so he has somewhat regular breaks from the collar.

We think he is able to eat and drink with it on because it has been wet at times when we've taken it off him.

Kris or Jim - does the dapper Domino have trouble eating w/ his megaphone? I often wonder how animals manage with those things on.

Oh no, I'm so sorry! I know exactly how this feels. Last summer, I shut Tucker's tail accidentally in the bathroom door. I never will forget the horror of seeing him run away with his tail lopped over like that. Fortunately for Tucker, while the tail was broken, the skin was not broken, so after taking him to the vet, they wrapped his tail up and let it heal on its own.

Best wishes to Jim and Domino! Please tell him that even the most vigilant kitty people have accidents and to not feel guilty.

Aw, poor Domino! And poor Jim! :(

We had a friend in college who closed her cat's tail in the door. She lost an inch or so of her tail, but she healed up just fine. Extra scritches and schnoozles for Domino for a few days...

Oh, and he looks handsome in his megaphone. He may want to keep it!

I'm sure it's a combination of both. But I see Domino on cam1 wearing his megaphone, which isn't as dramatic looking as I expected! Haven't caught sight of his "abbreviation" yet. Earlier cam1 caught Neo looking down on his big brother from his "perch". So now let the healing begin, for everyone! I hope Stormy's feeling better too...

Domino is home now. But he still seems quite traumatized. He was running around like a "freaked out cat" and now is hiding in one of our bathrooms.
I'm not sure if the behavior is due to the morning's trauma or the collar.

Sorry to hear about the Domino incident. He'll be fine in spite of having to wear a cone. You guys need to get come kitty health insurance.

As the old saying goes, It never rains but it pours. First Stormy, now this. Well, let's just hope the other old saying about how "disasters come in threes" does not come true. Keep your head up, Jim. It could have happened to anyone. Domino will forgive you and be up on your lap in no time.

Yes I do feel horrible about this.

Domino is at the emergency vet now.
He's going to have 1" to 2" of his tail amputated.
In the end, he's going to be just fine and probably won't notice the difference.
Until then I'm not sure who's doing better, me or Domino.

He'll have part of his tail shaved and stitches. He'll be wearing a cone while he heals (we call it "kitty megaphone"). He will also be on antibiotics and pain meds for a while too.

I'll be calling the vet in 1.5 hours for an update. I believe he'll be home this afternoon.

oh no!!!! okay, I am now sending out your way via cyber-waves protective, healing energy, lol :) I'm sure Jim is in a lot more pain than Domino! of course accidents happen and probably so little of Domino's tail will have to come off that you won't even be able to nickname him Stub. Good luck today!!! ☺